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How to improve your writing in 5 steps

There is nothing worse than getting stuck and not knowing how to translate your thoughts into words. Like swimming or driving, you need practice if you want to write well. Good writers practice and they take time to write and convert their thoughts into sentences and paragraphs because writing is a skill that gets better with practice.  That’s why we’ve collected the five most effective ways you can improve your writing and make dramatic improvements to your academic writing.

1. Do your research and have a clear grasp of the subject matter 

Read about your topic. Understand all the basic concepts and principles related to your subject matter. Try formulating some guide questions to help you with your research inquiry. Use these guide questions to help you discover what information you could include in your paper. Because all academic papers have definite and specific goal, then make sure you have a clear purpose before you dive into the writing process. 

2. Start your paper with a clear and definite thesis statement

Every great academic paper has a clear, effective argument. Craft your thesis statement based on the information you found through your research. State your main argument in a clear but concise way. A thesis statement is the gateway to your whole essay and it’s best to state it clearly. Thus, make sure your thesis statement is thoughtful and well-articulated. 

3. Use an outline to organize your ideas 

Outlines are a great tool for writers. When writing your paper, using an outline could help you organize your ideas so that it makes it easier for your readers to follow your ideas and thoughts. It’s also a great way to arrange your ideas to make it easier for your readers to understand. It is also a great way to make sure that your readers follow what you’re trying to tell them. Write your outline with your thesis in mind. Then, arrange your supporting arguments and evidence based on how you would present them to support your thesis. 

4. Always support your arguments

Every good argument is backed up with good evidence. This where your research pays off. Use information, facts, and evidence gathered from your earlier research to support your main points. Make sure to include facts, statistics, and expert opinion gathered from various sources to support every argument point. This is a great way to use all the sources you’ve found earlier while researching. Don’t forget to cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. 

5. Proofread and proofread before submitting your paper

Everything is done and you’ve typed out your conclusion. It’s time to go over your paper before hitting the submit button not just once but at least twice. First, check for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. Use a spell checker on your word processor or use a grammar checking application online. Do not trust that autocorrect option because not a bot does not have the same level of discretion as a person. After checking the technical aspects of your paper, it’s time to check the content. Read your paper once to see how the ideas flow and make the necessary changes. Read it again to make sure everything is great before giving it your seal of approval. If you’re feeling confident, as a friend to read what you’ve written and have them get back with you. 

Following these few simple steps is sure to improve your writing. A good paper not only earns you excellent marks but it also gives a good impression to your professor. The bottom line is your paper is your opportunity to show what you’ve learned. Take the time to write a good paper and not settle for good enough, it will make a difference. 

For more writing tips tune in for more blogs on writing better papers. 

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